Towards the end of summer 2015, Tiffani resigned from her full-time career in Los Angeles, CA. She decided that now is the time to travel the world, since life's too short to worry and life's too long to wait. This once in a lifetime opportunity has been her ultimate dream and she's ready to make it reality. With her luggage on hand and an open heart/mind, the excitement of exploring the unknown is thrilling. 

A photo journal about one girl's adventurous journey to live life to the fullest. On her journey, she knows that there might be broken heels (from climbing rocks and hiking), mosquito bites (oh how those creatures love the scent of her flesh), chile stains on her dresses (make it extra spicy please), bunion cramps (easy to get it when you have finger toes), and the list goes on. The decision to explore the world is a difficult one, but life is about taking risks and having no regrets. One day she hopes to share her adventurous stories with her little ones. Until then, she looks forward to sleepless nights staring at yellow diamonds in the sky and exploring different cultures, food, and scenery.

See Tiff throughout her journey. Resigning was just the first step, now it's time for the adventure. Thank you for stopping by.