I'm really thankful that I was able to walk around the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas before the aftermath of Hurricane Patricia flooded the area this weekend. The River Walk is a must when you're in San Antonio. From dining with a beautiful view of the river, countless places you can shop and miles to stroll, this is a lively water front location to hang with your family/friends. Be warn that there are a tremendous amount of gackles (black birds) that welcome you with high pitching sound. When you do see them or hear them, try to walk away really fast (they are not birds that you want to see nor hear).

If you're looking for good food outside the River Walk (less than 15 mins), hit up Rosario's Mexican Cafe Y Cantina. I ate there before the River Walk and ordered the beef and shrimp fajitas. One of the most delicious flour tortillas I've ever had and they also provide you with complimentary guacamole along with house made salsa and chips. Friendly server as well!