My first video (hi-res video is available at the vimeo page)! I decided to start off my post from Florida with a video, instead of pictures. Hope you guys enjoy it. First stop in Florida was at Ichetucknee State Park. I camped there a night and the next morning, woke up early to go swimming at many natural springs along the river. I traveled from the north entrance and also checked out the south side. I was exciting and a bit terrified (hence the super fast awkward doggy paddling) since I was the only person swimming there and the springs are massive, yet beautiful. The water itself was crystal clear. I'm also aware that Florida has lots of gators and luckily I didn't see any. Next time, I must rent the kayak or inner tube to float down the river. 
- Tiffani

Music credit from one of my favorite bands: Intro by The XX