Do you remember the Slip'N Slide back when it was popular during the early 90's? Well, Slide Rock State Park located in Arizona is that times ten. At first, I was hesitant to slide down the rocks, let alone dip my whole body into the river (since it was freezing cold), but after watching several brave little souls try it over and over, I had to do it. Slide Rock was formed by the slippery slopes of Oak Creek. Every step that I took, I had to be cautious since I saw so many people (young and old) slip and fall right on their tush. It's definitely the perfect spot to get a nice sun tan, take a quick dip, and people watch. I hung out at Slide Rock most of the day and camped a couple of nights at Cave Springs Campground (#D12) which is a short drive north of the park. Afterwards, I went into Sedona and enjoyed a latte at the Wildflower Bread Company. The view was breathtaking to say the very least. Next stop, Albuquerque, New Mexico!