Hello Texas! One thing that I don't miss about LA and the OC in California is light pollution. When I arrived to one of the many Visitor Centers at Big Bend National Park, I found out that Big Bend NP has the least amount of light pollution of any state in the lower 48 states. First thought that popped in my mind is that the stars must be magnificent! I camped at Chisos Basin Campground (#2) for two nights. Out of all the nights that I have camped so far on my road trip, Big Bend National Park has been the best location for stargazing. Besides having millions of stars twinkle at night, it's also a lovely campground to hike around. I hiked the Lost Mine Trail which was five miles round trip and afterwards took a dip into the hot springs which is on the Rio Grande River. As I was soaking in the 105°F water and looking over at Mexico which was literally fifteen strokes across the river, I had a surreal moment since something so close seems so far away. As I got back to my campground that night, I just got lost staring at the stars.