I couldn't leave California and embark on my next journey, without camping a couple of nights at Joshua Tree National Park. As I arrived Monday evening, it was raining and I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a full rainbow. It's rare to see rain in the desert and the last five years that I have come here and camped here, I haven't seen such thing. It was awesome! If you're looking for a place close to Southern California, do not like pesky mosquitoes, and are afraid of bears (like me), then Joshua Tree National Park is where you need to go to camp out. Jumbo Rocks is my favorite campground at JT. The last night that I camped there, I actually saw a desert kit fox (very rare to see them) sliding pass my campsite. Also, that night, I saw tons of shooting stars and slept like a baby in my new air mattress. 


As I crossed the border from California to Oregon, I started to notice the first sign of Fall. Some of the trees along the roadside have already begun to change color. I stopped at Port Orford and ate at a local restaurant sitting atop the bluff that overlooks the bay, the view was amazing. My favorite time of day will always be sunset, and as evening came I took a stroll down the shoreline. As I walked the empty beach I saw several dungeness crab shells and claws. Those who know me know that I'm a huge fan of eating crabs and that is a big sign that I'm heading towards the right area.