If history was or is your favorite course in school and you wanted to visit a site that has petroglyphs dating back 7,000 years ago, then Seminole Canyon State Park is a place for you! Beautiful sunsets, amazing stars at night, hiking trails, and a well preserved landmark made this park very enjoyable. I only spent 2 days here which was more than enough for me. Definitely go on the guided tour where you can learn more about the rock/cave paintings, the people that lived here thousands of years ago and what they did to survive in this area. The wonderful tour guide asked the group to challenge him by asking a question he has never heard before since he has been doing this guided tour volunteerily for the last 18 years. Apparently, I was able to shocked him with a question that he has never heard before. I asked him, "How long can poop be preserved for?" So funny. If you like to know, feces can be very well preserved as long as it is kept in a cool and dry area. There's this professor that can bring back the smell of the feces from years ago. Dna testing is how they are able to know a lot about the civilization that lived here. Oh yes, the clouds was also amazing that day.