Over a century ago (1906), the Peter Iredale ship was sailing up the Oregon coast en route to the Columbia river when it ran ashore. A couple of days ago I set out to explore what was left of it as the sun started to dip below the ocean's horizon. The only remaining parts are the bow and the masts. It is a great stop on the border of Oregon and Washington, very close to Astoria.

Side note, if you're ever in Astoria (adorable little town), definitely check out "STREET 14TH COFFEE HOUSE" for the best atmosphere and coffee/tea.

Farewell, Oregon. 


After wondering around downtown Portland for a couple of days, a friend took us to Winderlea Vineyard & Winery. It was such a beautiful day to absord the crisp cool air and enjoy a sip or two of their red wines. My favorite was the "2013 Winderlea Shea Vineyard Pinor Noir" which had a hint of rhubard, berries, and a layer of mushroom mixed with the deep scent of the forest. There are quite a few vineyards and wineries to check out if you're near Portland and in the mood for some wines and a good view.


As I crossed the border from California to Oregon, I started to notice the first sign of Fall. Some of the trees along the roadside have already begun to change color. I stopped at Port Orford and ate at a local restaurant sitting atop the bluff that overlooks the bay, the view was amazing. My favorite time of day will always be sunset, and as evening came I took a stroll down the shoreline. As I walked the empty beach I saw several dungeness crab shells and claws. Those who know me know that I'm a huge fan of eating crabs and that is a big sign that I'm heading towards the right area.