My belongings are officially in storage and I'm no longer residing in LA. Now I can continue my road trip without worrying about rent and utility bills. I'm heading east this time across the US. My first sunset destination was on Saturday when I attended the Miramar Air Show in San Diego. Seeing the Golden Knights perform was amazing and I stayed until the firework show. The show can't end until you see fireworks, right?

Today, I spent quality time shopping for Halloween decor with my close relatives in San Diego and during the evening I hiked Torrey Pines Natural Reserve for the first time. Those who know me, know that I'm obsessed with seeing beautiful trees. I came across one on the Razor Point Trail and rested there for awhile, soaking in the last bit of the sunset. I actually enjoyed the two mile hike since it was somewhat cold and for the first time in a while, it's starting to feel like autumn.


The sunset was cotton candy pink and violet as I arrived at Lost Lake. It sits in the Mount Hood National Forest near Mount Hood which is an active volcano (it is crazy to think that it can erupt any day). Driving around looking for that perfect camp spot was fun, I found an awesome spot that was secluded (F12). It was surrounded by the tallest trees and it had a private trail that led down to the lakeshore. By the time the camp was set up, the sky became the color of noir and the stars came out dancing. I sat back in my reclining camp chair and gazed into space for hours looking for satellites and shooting never gets old.

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of chipmunks squeaking (if you've ever heard the squeaks, it's hard to forget the sound). I sat back in my sleeping bag and thought about how to start the morning. The best part of not having a timeframe and a daily routine, is that there are no plans. It's all about enjoying your time and surroundings. I decided to hike the 3.2 mile trail around the lake. The lake loop was really fun and every step did feel like I was walking into a postcard. 

The lake had the clearest water I've ever seen in my life and it seemed that life in it was extremely abundant. Around every bend, I saw trout doing cartwheels out of the water in an attempt to eat bugs that were skipping on the surface. In the shallow areas of the lake, I saw red salamanders and crawdads out and about, looking for food.

After I finished the hike, I took a dip into the beautiful crystal clear lake and took it all in. Refreshing is an understatement, it was freezing as heck.