As I left Washington, the sky and clouds were periwinkle in color. I met up with my awesome guy cousin who suggested that I visit Kerry Park. It was quite a view. You are able to see all of downtown Seattle. Moreover, it was great spending quality time with him since the last time I saw him was a decade ago. My next mission is to head back to California and put all my belongings into storage before I head out on my next adventure.

Time flies and there's still so much to see, therefore, I say onward!


The best part about going on a road trip is the unexpected. I stopped by the town of Forks, to stock up on groceries and to get ready for camping in Olympic National Park. As the cashier was ringing me up, the first thing that she said to me was, "Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?". I replied "Huh, come again?". She then said, "Today is Bella's birthday and the 10th year anniversary of the Twilight Saga. Stephanie Meyer, will be in town to do a book signing and the vampires and werewolves are coming out to play tonight." I said, "How cool!". I actually did read all the books in the series and saw the movies and somehow, the town of Forks should have come to mind, since that's where the book was based. From buying coconut water and some camp food at the grocery store that morning to being stoked about visiting the Cullen's house and checking out the town of Forks was pretty cool. Since this detour was unplanned and to be here during their 10th year anniversary was a once in a lifetime experience. I love the feeling of walking around a small town and seeing people get excited about things that are happening in their area. If you look at my first picture, that was a five hour long line that people were waiting in to enter the Rainforest Arts Center where Stephanie Meyer's was doing a free book signing. I didn't pre-register nor did I bring my books along. It was one of those I should have, could have moments, but to be there was more than enough.

Btw- if you're wondering, I'm Team Edward! 


It's been a couple days since I last posted, so here it goes! My first stop in Washington was Cape Disappointment. It's in the Southwest corner of the state, just North of the Columbia River. Don't let the name fool you, it was one of the most magical places that I have been to. As I arrived the fog was settling in and the wind was howling with all its might down the beach. It was almost dreamlike. I camped in spot #106 which was in the tree line just footsteps to the beach. Riddled up and down the coast were thousands of pieces of driftwood and people built forts out of it in the most interesting shapes. The structures themselves were impeccable, some would say artistic. Had I not paid for my camp spot, I would have camped inside one of them that night! Head there and build one for yourself.